Thursday, March 9, 2017

Let Me Print Your Art

Hi all!  I want to talk for a minute about your digital images.  Have you downloaded them from the cloud?  You have, GREAT!  Have you backed them up so you have them in at least two different places?  Not two different folders, but two different hard drives. Or a hard drive and a thumb drive? Or in your own cloud account and on your computer? Well, if so, GREAT AGAIN!

So now lets talk about your artwork.  Those digital images cant be seen or loved on your hard drive, on your CD in the drawer, or even in little tiny pixels on your cell phone.  Your digital images have been meticulously crafted, from the lighting, styling and posing that took place in the studio, to the hand editing and fine tuning applied to each image in the digital darkroom. These images are digital at the moment, but were actually created to be ART. They were meant to be touched and held in an album, printed on canvas for your walls, and skillfully displayed on wood blocks in wall groupings.

After all, all of those little pixels come together and display the most perfect subject matter...your sweet newborn! What could bring more joy and smiles than remembering that perfect little gift that has been entrusted to you. To see how tiny and wonderful and precious your tiny human is whenever you climb the stairs or peer over the mantle.

So let me print your art! I am happy to help you with groupings, album design and selecting sizes. I'd love to help!

Leave a comment and tell me what you have done or would like to do with your digital images!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

San Diego, California, San Marcos Photographer: I am Now Offering the "Fresh 48"

A Fresh 48 session is a photo session that takes place within about 48 hours of baby's birth.  Once baby arrives, I can come to you in the hospital, birthing center or home to capture some of the tiny details that take place early on in baby's first few days out of the womb.

This is Baby Q, at about 12 hours old!  It really is a thrill and an honor for me to get to take part in your baby's first days and be able to provide you with these images that I know you will treasure.

I am offering introductory pricing on these special sessions since they are a new service!  Call or e-mail for more info!

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Special Olympics World Games, Peale Project and The Los Angeles Sparks

Wow. Wow wow wow.

Somehow I have been given the amazing opportunity to volunteer with the Special Olympics World Games Peale Project.  This project takes Special Olympic's athletes who are also photo enthusiasts and pairs them with a professional photographer.  Together they will photograph events at the World Games in Los Angeles in just about a week.

Today the athletes and their mentors were paired up, got to know each other a bit, talked camera gear (Canon donated brand new camera's to each athlete) and then got to practice shooting a sporting event together.  I have been paired up with a lovely young woman, Noelle, who is a basketball player herself. She competes in the So Cal Special Olympic games each year for her region.  Actually, though we have never met, I have actually seen her play and photographed her team during the So Cal Special Olympic Games at Cal State Long Beach this past June.  I am looking forward to getting to know her more in the upcoming weeks!  Here she is in action!

Today all of the athletes and photographers got to shoot a sporting event...An amazing awesome sporting event and a  once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at that!  We were invited by Staples Center and The Los Angeles Sparks to sit ON THE COURT and photograph the WNBA team in action!

It was a great, super fast-paced game.  Super fast, as in 500mph action!  It was quite a feeling sitting court-side with my buddy Noelle, shooting sports and talking camera settings and composition (although it is really too loud to hear anything other than the crowd!).  We both clicked away happily, enjoying the exciting opportunity!

Here are a few shots from today:
We met Lisa Leslie in the Media Room.

Walking out to the court for the first time.
 Look, we are actually on the floor of Staples Center!
 Sitting in our assigned floor seats.  We are right next to the official Staples Center photographer and a photographer for the AP.
 A little action:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Baby N to Share

I finished up this cutie pie's gallery and had a few more shots I wanted to share with you all.  What a doll baby, right?

newborn baby top knot hat

shelly rosen newborn
shely rosen newborn thinking expression

sweet newborn mid yawn shelly rosen photography

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

San Marcos, California Newborn Photographer: Meet Baby E

Baby E was so smushy and relaxed for her photo session.  She is 8 days new in these images. And take a look at her beautiful mommy.  I was excited to create this before/after image for her!  This mommy is truly beautiful inside and out!